Product Focus: Handcrafted African plates

Product Focus: Handcrafted African plates

African art is a multifaceted genre that includes paintings, sculptures and pottery. Many local artists express themselves through three-dimensional carvings and sculptures, while others prefer to use paints as their selected medium. Then, there are those skilled artists that use clay and paint to create stunning examples of African pottery. These artworks can be used for practical purposes or as colourful features on a wall or table.

While the majority of pieces for sale on the Molo Wethu online store are sculptures made from recycled metals and other upcycled materials, we do have some handcrafted plates that will bring a touch of the African spirit into your home. These beautiful plates can be mounted on a wall or used as an actual piece of crockery for a dinner party. They have a practical and ornamental function that makes them a good choice for buyers who enjoy handcrafted pottery.

Painted plates and other examples of African pottery can be found at curio stores and art galleries in many Southern African countries. They have a unique charm that is typical of the charismatic African art world. Hand-painted crockery can show off the talent and skill of the creator as they combine three-dimensional molding and shaping of the clay with two-dimensional paintings.

Molo Wethu offers three handcrafted plates

These bright and bold plates are hand-painted, which means that no two will be exactly alike. They depict elephants and the famous baobab tree – a thick-set tree that is synonymous with the African landscape. The plates come in three sizes and buyers can order multiple examples of each piece to create a beautiful set. These square plates can be eaten off, but they also work as perfect fruit bowls or as ornamental pieces that can start a conversation with guests.

The small handcrafted plate is a square piece that measures 10cm by 10cm. It is painted with a wash of orange and red that mimics the African sky at sunset. Two black silhouettes of elephants  – a mother and baby –  are painted in the centre of the small plate that help to reinforce the appearance of a typical dusk in the African wilderness. This piece weighs roughly 500g, which makes it easy to ship worldwide to Africa expats living abroad or to African art lovers.

We also have a medium handcrafted plate for sale online. This piece measures 19cm by 10cm and also depicts an African sunset. This time, three silhouettes of elephants are hand-painted on the face of the plate. A baby elephant with a cow and bull walk towards the unmistakable silhouette of the baobab tree. The medium plates weigh about 750g each.

Lastly, Molo Wethu has a large handcrafted plate available online. This beautiful piece measures 36cm by 17cm and portrays a lively family of elephants marching towards a number of baobab trees. The elephants vary in size and stature, creating a realistic representation of a herd. This plate weighs about 1kg and can be used as a platter or fruit bowl. 

Buyers can purchase multiple plates to create a bespoke collection. Alternatively, one plate of each size can be bought and mounted to a wall with a wireframe. These handcrafted plates are ideal for a home or an office function where food and snacks are being served. They will liven up your crockery collection and can be great conversational pieces for observers. Molo Wethu is able to ship products worldwide, so place an order for bespoke plates today.


To learn more about Molo Wethu and our bespoke African artworks, please do not hesitate to contact us. Molo Wethu sources, collects and distributes a variety of unique African paintings and sculptures. Visit our online store to purchase these artworks for your home or office – they are ideal for art collectors, travellers and gift-givers.

Molo Wethu supports the needs of differently-abled humans. A portion of the sales from selected products will be donated to organisations that help children with Autism and Asperger’s syndrome in South Africa. This also helps to raise awareness of mental health issues in Africa. 

We are able to deliver artworks around the world. To stay up-to-date with the latest news and Molo Wethu product launches, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Take a look at our blog for more informative articles on African art, empowering artists and mental health.


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