Product Focus: Contemporary functional radio

Product Focus: Contemporary functional radio

Music is an integral part of African culture and society. It is the basis for many social gatherings and traditional ceremonies. Any visitor to African townships or rural homesteads is likely to encounter music blaring from the radios of residents. These household devices emit radiating tunes and colourful melodies throughout the neighbourhoods. The radio is, quite possibly, the most widely used entertainment device in Southern Africa.

It is no surprise, then, that the humble radio serves as inspiration for many African artists and entrepreneurs. Such a common media gadget means that countless radios are discarded in scrapyards every year. Artists gather these devices and use them to create quirky, unique artworks that still function as music-emitting appliances. Many of the recycled artworks on the Molo Wethu website are ornamental and static. However, this contemporary radio actually works.

Molo Wethu offers a recycled, functioning radio

The bizarre-looking radio is made from a variety of recycled materials. The speaker, aerial, tuner and volume controls are salvaged from discarded radios. The artists use their knowledge of electronics and circuits to rewire these vital components. They are soldered together and restored to working standards before being fitted inside the wire frame.

The exterior of the radio is completely handcrafted from wire, bottle caps and aluminium beverage cans. The functional radio even has a handmade wire handle for ease of transport and to take your music with you, wherever you go. No two radios are completely alike and the various bottle tops and beverage cans used will add to the mishmash of colour on the external surface.

These radios will be able to receive the signals from any station around the world, provided the radio waves are within the bandwidth of the aerial. They are able to pick up AM and FM radio stations, which means that your favourite show or presenter can be aired to your own African radio. Friends and family will love the quirky device and this radio will certainly be a conversation-starter at your next social gathering.

The contemporary functional radio measures 20cm high, 18cm in length and 8cm in depth. It weighs just under 500g, making it easy to ship to any location across the globe. Bring a touch of the African spirit into your home with these recycled radios that also serve as artistic sculptures. Music should have no bounds and these functional pieces will ensure that you continue to listen to your favourite radio station in a good, old-fashioned way.


To learn more about Molo Wethu and our bespoke African artworks, please do not hesitate to contact us. Molo Wethu sources, collects and distributes a variety of unique African paintings and sculptures. Visit our online store to purchase these artworks for your home or office – they are ideal for art collectors, travellers and gift-givers.

Molo Wethu supports the needs of differently-abled humans. A portion of the sales from selected products will be donated to organisations that help children with Autism and Asperger’s syndrome in South Africa. This also helps to raise awareness of mental health issues in Africa. 

We are able to deliver artworks around the world. To stay up-to-date with the latest news and Molo Wethu product launches, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Take a look at our blog for more informative articles on African art, empowering artists and mental health.


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